Welcome. This is the new home of MacManifest.  I’m here to spread the good word about Today’s Moderate Politics. Please check out these links and join me to demand compromise from our elected leaders.



I think President Bill Clinton said it best.

“When we put aside partisanship, embrace the best ideas regardless of where they come from and work for principled compromise, we can move America not left or right, but forward.”
—Bill Clinton

“The choice we offer is not conservative or liberal. In many ways its not even Republican or Democratic. Its different. Its new. And it will work.”
—Bill Clinton

3 New iReports

You must Vote this Tuesday Nov 6th

Voter Suppression

Romney Mis-Information and Falsehoods

My second iReport Video for CNN. This one got vetted. A 1,000 hits so Far.

CNN iReport

Straight from the Republicans. Mitt Romney is not qualified to be President.

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My 1st I have a memory video.

CNN Reports

This Video is awesome. Thank You Ron Paul for spreading the truth about Mitt Romney.

Still Voting for Mitt Romney

The truth about Mitt Romney’s Economic Plans.

Romney Economics

Job Loss at Ampad

Advice from Mitt Romney, I stand by whatever I said….hmm….

Mitt Romney on Education, “Shop Around

Get the facts about the new Voter Restrictions laws.  It’s Wrong.

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